Management Committees

Chairman - Mr. Umesh Sundar Galvankar

Secretary - Mrs. Vaishali Gawade

Member - Dr. Vinay Deshmukh

Member - Dr. Pradip Patkar

Member - Dr. Nandini Deshmukh

Member - Dr. Madhav Prabhu

Member - Dr. Amey Desai

Finance Controller - Mr. S Srinivasan

Principal - Mrs Meena Joshi

Teaching Staff Rep. - Mr. Siddharth Harer

Non Teaching Staff Rep. - Mr. Kiran Karandikar

Chairman - Mrs.Meena Joshi

Faculty Representative - Ms.Shambhavi Ajgaonkar

Boys Representative - Mr.Siddharth Harer

Faculty Representative - Ms.Sumsn Karangale

PSI - Ms.Gayatri G. Patil

Tahasildar - Mr.Macchindre Sukate

Female Students Representative - Ms.Dhanashri Powar

Male Students Representative - Mr.Sairaj More

Representative From Parents - Mr.Mahadev Rawool

Representative From Local Media - Mr.Chandrakant Samant

Representative From Ngo - Mrs.Asmita M.J.

Chairman - Mrs.Meena Joshi

Member - Asmita M.J.

Member - Mrs.Amruta Galvankar

Member - Mr.Siddharth Harer

Member - Mrs.Minal Thakur

Member - Mr.Asley Fernandis

Member - Ms.Shambhavi Ajgaonkar

Member - Ms.Suman Karangale

Member - Ms.Pradnya Dhuri

Member - Ms.Shobha Paradhi

Chairman - Mrs.Meena Joshi

Secretory - Dr.Amey Deai

Member - Mr.Siddhart Harer

Member - Ms.Shambhavi Ajgaonkar

Member - Ms.Suman Karangale

Student - Ms.Chitra Parsekar

In charge - Ms.Vaijayanti Nar

Member - Ms.Pradnya Dhuri

Member - Ms.Shobha Paradhi

Member - Mr.Asley Fernandis

Member - Mr.Kiran Karandikar

- The aim of Curriculum Committee shall be to develop curriculum goals and overall curriculum design and strategies equivalent as per Indian Nursing council and Maharashtra university of Health Sciences, Nashik, to ignite learning. Develop delivery methods, interactions, learning climate, evaluation methods, curriculum policies, and resources.

- To approve new & revised curriculum & academic policies and implement the curriculum.

- In addition, curriculum committee also provides guidance & oversight to ensure that all curriculum is sound, comprehensive & responsive to evolving needs of our students and all round development of the student.

Chairperson - Mrs Meena. S.Joshi  (Principal College of Nursing)

Member - Ms. Pallavi Harkulkar

Member - Mrs.Suman Karangale

Student Representative - Ms.Tina Rodriques

Secretary - Mrs.Viashali Otavnekar (Asso.Professor, Nursing)

Member - Mrs.Shambhavi Aajgoankar

Student Representative - Ms. Gautami Mangoankar

Objective & Aims

Br.Nath Pai Nursing Education and research Academy, Kudal

Institutional Objectives

Always uphold the dignity demonstrate the attitude of curiosity and contribute to the profession with diverse research activity of the nursing profession.

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Philosophy of College

Br.Nath Pai Nursing Education and research Academy, believes in systematic teaching, training and research in Modern Nursing Sciences and uniformity

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Philosophy of the faculty

Believes that, health is a state of well-being that enables a person to lead a psychologically, socially and economically productive life. Health is a right of all the people.

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Prepare graduates to assume responsibilities as professional, competent nurses and midwives at basic level in providing promotive, preventive, curative

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The vision of Br.Nath Pai Nursing Education and research Academy, Kudal lies in preparing competent practitioners, nurse administrators, nurse educators and researchers capable of giving leadership in fulfilling the dream of a healthier tomorrow for India and being partners with shared accountability in this domain nationally & internationally.


Preparing, caring, committed, compassionate and component professional nurses capable of rendering service, educationservice, educationand research in the field of nursing.